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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
that you don't do PMCS?
I don't PM isht that doesn't break. Don't have cash to waste and if I did, I still wouldn't waste it.

I never said I don't flush coolant/diff/trans every 50000 kms and do my oil changes every 10-15K kms. I take care of my car, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Mechanic FTW, I have a good handle on the pulse of my car.

If I'd have JFOJ'd or Mangoed as those "gurus" suggest, I'd have thrown away somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2 grand by now and not had my car running any better than it is in the current condition.

P.S. My Victor Reinz (OMG!!!!!11) VCG isn't leaking either some 1.5 years later, should I post in that thread too?

This board like any other car board has an epidemic of people with no mechanical skill who all think they can/should work on their own vehicle. There are few that can/should as evidenced by the multitude of inane/assinine threads that exist. On top of that we have others telling these very same people who don't know WTH they are doing to replace isht at crazy intervals. These people are either egomaniacs who think everyone should follow their (mostly unfounded) advice, or secretly parts dealers or work in the auto parts industry. I vote for the former.

Happy motoring (makes me think this should be engineing... more correct).
Originally Posted by MTA330ci View Post
Does anyone have a recommendation on which is the best high performance valve stems?
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