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For Pictures.. Let me know if you guys need moar! The rear bumper is not completely repaired and needs work.. I can do this but will of course ask more for it. I was also able to make this fit on the rear reinforcement bar of my coupe, thus eliminating the need to buy a kevlar reinforcement bar for an m3.. It will not come with my bar however. Pm me for details on how to make this happen. Thanks again.

Originally Posted by jpuffer View Post
Pics of the rear bumper? was the rear bumper damaged at all, or is the scratch that was repaired purely a cosmetic one? I don't want to buy it if it isn't going to have perfect fitment.
Not sure what you mean. The bumper was damaged, but is and Oem bumper that was made to fit. The crack was not large enough to cause fitment issues. It still needs the plastic repair on the face and then primed and painted.. The bumper will need a lot of work, but if you know what your doing and have the means, its an easy fix. I may even finish the repair completely and then sell. Right now this is how it sits.

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I'm in sac. Pls text me 916-897-78zerosix. Thx
I will call you shortly, I apologize I couldn't answer earlier..

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how much for the rear bumper. i dont need the diffuser. please let me know.
Make an offer.. whats it worth to you? If you buy the whole thing Id be more inclined to discount too..
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