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I just used this thread to fix my passenger tail that would work here and there. So the culprit was the stupid little black box as usual. A few tips that I would like to share.

-You dont need to completely ruin the box when trying to open it. I just took a utility knife and cut down one corner of it, then stretched it open and pulled out the board. It even snapped back into place when i was done and there was no need for tape. I put it on anyway though LOL.

-have it plugged in while the box is open and touch around until your tail lamp turns on. easiest way to diagnose

-My area that needed re soldering was those two pins that the guy earlier in the thread soldered together. I didnt solder them together just because that doesn't make sense to me. I just blobbed a bit of solder on each to secure the connection, making sure that they dont touch each other.

VIOLA! My tail lights are perfect again! Thank you fanatics, you just saved me $200. This site has been SOOOO good to me over the years of owning this car.
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