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Originally Posted by EmFiftyFour View Post
Thanks for broadening my view on the matter..

But I do find the conventional cooling system to be much more reliable. So much easier to bleed as well.
Thanks for taking it the right way!
And no doubt the older systems were much easier to deal with. I had never changed a water pump or even a hose on a car until my BMW. I have never needed to. I never had a friend that needed to. It just did not happen.
I can remember when Gates ran ads during football games trying to convince people to change their hoses every 2 years, which no one ever did.
My first cooling issue ever was with my 2001 Eclipse GT, which had a plastic radiator top, with the hose connection molded into it. I leaned on it while adding oil, and my hand went right through it. I replaced it with an all metal unit for $125. I still have the car, and the radiator.
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