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My Ride: 2002 330xi
E30 I used to own doesn't beep at anything, doesn't need clutch in to start.
My Subaru beeped and needed clutch in to start, a simple seat belt latch/unlatch sequence took care of the beeps,
including the key in beeps. Now it beeps at nothing,
and a wire jumper took care of the clutch.
I am sure the E46 can have the clutch bypassed by a jumper,
but as for the beeping, the only real DIY solution I saw is to desolder the piezo in the dash.
I FCKING HATE THE BEEPING!!!!! stupid USDM regulation bull ****.

To be clear, just as everyone else here asking to disable to chime is not to not wear seat belt, and even if some one wants drive w/out a seat belt, that's their business, I don't care. I simply don't need my car to beep at me for stupid sh1t

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