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The biggest thing to do is to not lose patience. If you start getting frustrated, walk away, smoke a cigarette, smoke a joint, do your wife, kick the dog, (dont get those two mixed up), drink a beer, or whatever you need to do to chill out for a while. Your decision making skills decrease and your risk taking increases the longer you stay on something like this.
I have written a lot about this in the past, but of course I am unable to find it. It boils down to don't try one thing at a time, but attack it from multiple angles at once. Get a screw extractor and a matching drill bit (the extractor usually has the drill bit sixe you should use stamped onto it. Don't get an extractor that is larger than 3/4 of the diameter of the bolt, or less than 1/2. People tend to try to shove a larger one in there (I know, it sounds funny), but that just ends up wedging the bolt in tighter. Soak it with PB-Blaster while you go to the hardware store. Keep soaking it. Get a can of freon with one of those valves that punctures the top of the can, and cut the end off of the hose, so you can make it a freon sprayer. Drill out the bolt, as close to center as possible. Use a center punch to make a divot in the center, so the drill bit does not wallow around. Spring for one of those gold, titanium tipped bits. So, once the hole is drilled, spray the bolt with the freon, until it is quite cold to the touch. Then spray more PB - Blaster, and tap the bottom of the bolt a few times, to help break things lose, and work the PB-Blaster in there. The freon shrinks the bolt, and allows the PB-Blaster to get in a little more. Repeat this a few times. Then, one more good blast of freon. Not too much, because the metal could get brittle, but a 10 second blast. Then use the screw extractor. Also, I forgot to mention, the only way to properly hold a screw extractor is with a T handle Tap wrench/holder. This will hold it securely, and let you press directly in the center of the extractor. Press hard, and make it bite into the metal. If you feel the screw start to move, then work it slowly. If it starts to bind, repeat the freon/PB-Blaster combo. If it gets stuck, try screwing it back in a little, and then back out, and work it around. Whatever you do, don't try to force it out. If you break the extractor, it gets worse. Good luck. I hope I was in time to help.

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