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Originally Posted by LV DON View Post
I have a vert and that happend to me to I mite just check that how do you do it
The adjustment?

If your trunk has never been removed, then i would start with the latch, as it is more likely to fall out of adjustment due to the fact that it engages the latch bar attached to the car.

1. Open your trunk, and inspect the latch mechanism protruding from your trunk lid.
You will see that it is attached by two torx screws...wiggle it, just a little bit, to see if there is play.
If there is any play at all, then you've found your culprit, move on to the next step.

2. You will need to snug the torx bolts, so that they are firm, yet adjustable... Try to eyeball it straight, before intial snugging.

3. Slowly close the lid while looking at the target which is the little bar latch, i will call it the male..If the female latch on the trunklid doesnt line up or catch the male, then hopefully under close observation you can make the necessary tweak, then snug it up nice and tight, something like 5ft/lbs.

It may take a few attempts, but its designed to mate, so be patient.

If the entire trunk lid needs adjusting, then look to both sides of the trunk hinges, which are attached by two torx on both sides. Notice that the there is a slide type hole, and a regular hole.

With this adjustment, the slide hole allows for forward/ backward tweaks. Having all four torx slightly loose will allow for left and right adjustment, but i have found that having them a bit snug enough to keep the winning adjustment in place long enough to open the lid back up to do final tightening.

That is the whole tricky part about an adjustment like this, because you have to close it to check it, and open it to tighten it down.

Hope this helps. GL.

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