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Originally Posted by lcoleman View Post
Same thing.

I will never understand the form over function mindset when you could have so easily had both.
It's a 325 where am I going this is my daily have 2 other cars
Originally Posted by fiveightandten View Post
I'm confused.

The tires don't fit the wheels. The wheels don't fit the car. The roads you drive on are going to bend the wheels, and probably your sheet metal too. The handling is now ruined. The ride quality is now ruined. And the car looks ridiculous. What positive things were accomplished here?
This is where it shows who has balls and who doesn't right
Originally Posted by Euro604 View Post
Looks baller, never see many E46s around stanced out
thanks bro don't see many around

Originally Posted by JetLif3 View Post
The tint is awful too. Maybe get a real coilover setup and wheels and tires that actually fit. But what do I know.
I like to pick my noise in privacy shoot me doesn't look that bad and the setup I have isn't that bad
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