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Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post
I would think you'd have to ask the tenant. He should probably have the stub to show he paid you.

Maybe call him and tell him that you'll pick up the cost for cancellation/issuing a new money order and ask him to help you out.
Im meeting with the tenant tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully he finds the stub by then. Thanks

Originally Posted by braymond141 View Post
Call the money order company... This is all taken care of by them, not E46fanatics. Just have the tenant give you the order number, and you both will have to sign paperwork. Done.

If you have no stub number/receipt enjoy the 90-180 day wait for their non guaranteed investigation.

Word of advice; money order paying tenants are a good sign of someone sketchy. Been there played that BS game. Take personal checks!
I purchased the property and took it over September 1st, 2012. So far he's been a good tenant but pays with money orders. The last owner was the one who issued a lease so the decision was out of my hands. He does pay on time and it was my careless mistake
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