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It has to come from you only...
Help is weak, as well as her helping pick it out.

If she finds out you had help, it will let some air out of her tires, so to speak.

The gesture of choosing the ring on your own is as big as asking to marry her and
Committing to a lifetime of love, support and Faithfulness.

However, advice of a reputable and hopefully family owned jeweler is fine... And they will know how to ask you the right questions that will help you pick a timeless piece for her... Or maybe even design one... Which is even bigger... You want her to melt when you ask her, design a one of a kind ring specifically for her!

Speaking in confidence to her father first, asking for his blessing... Is also a wise idea
And will set a lasting, good & mutually respective tone with your future in laws, which is more important than most give credit.

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