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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
Let's throw in a little perspective. Cars used to run without proactive renewal, but then they used to be shot at 60-70K miles and not worth it to repair. And it felt like you were driving an old car.
Now my car has 96K miles and I'm replacing parts because it still feels and looks like a new car. I strive to make it feel like the day I picked it up new with all the tolerances tight and the handling and acceleration still solid.
So that water pump that you never replaced before was part of a car that never had a great shot at going over 100K. The car around it collapsed before that time.
Well, the fact that the water pump was an 8lb chunk of aluminum, with a bearing the size of an e46 wheel bearing, and an impeller the size of an e46 fan blade did not hurt matters. And my first car was a 68 Firebird with 160k miles.

The truth is that there is now a new class of maintainence now. You have to replace plastic components simply because of age, or risk failure. The manufacturers have given up years of longevity in return for lower weight and parts that are simpler to produce, have less scrap loss, and are more dimensionally consistent. From an owners perspective, it is a step back. From a manufacturing standpoint, it is an advance.
The weight has to come from somewhere, and they are stuffing more electronics, convienence features, and fvcking cup holders into the cars. For those that care about long term use, it is a loss. But this goes on with every other consumer product as well. Nothing is designed for long term durability, plain and simple. Are cars better? Yes. Could they be better without heavy use of plastics? Yes. But no one is demanding that. People want headrest displays, and 12 inch Nav screens. Mechanical purists will lose out to features every time. But it won't go away.
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