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Yes, meaning 2 - 02 sensors at the output of the cylinder head somewhere dividing the engine into 2 banks typically. Bank #1 usually the first half of the cylinders, then Bank #2 is the last half of the cylinders. The issue is we have very few 4 cylinder cars in the US, or at least that I have personally seen.

US 6 cylinder cars have a total of 4 - O2 sensors, 2 pre catalytic converter monitoring 3 cylinders each and then 2 post catalytic converter measuring each catalytic converter performance as there are 2 catalytic converters, one for each bank or half of the engine. The US cars are split into 2 banks of 2 sensors. Sensor #1 being pre catalytic converter and sensor #2 being post catalytic converter.

Not all regions of the world have post catalytic converter O2 sensors from what I have seen.
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