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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
yeah it does suck. a little word of advice now that you're lowered.
always! keep your plastic under engine panel on. it probably saved me a lot of trouble. there's a huge rip in it but i'm willing to bet i would've lost my oil pan and then possibly ruined my engine if i didn't have it.
maybe even invest in a skid plate. not sure where it'd mount on the e46 though.
yes im going look into making a custom skid plate always helps if i ever go over some rough road
Originally Posted by aahmed2016 View Post
haha no prob man, it's a great job, I'm thinking about lower my car a bit as well, but going to stick to OEM wheels. Maybe 135's or so.
go for it these are oem wheels as you will see pretty soon i change up wheels alot
Originally Posted by bmwmck View Post
Looks good! Nice job man

Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
You have obviously never been to southern California. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting one there.
Although why anyone would swing a dead cat is beyond me....
i wish i lived in cali id deff be more lower then i am now
Originally Posted by JetLif3 View Post
Oh, well then that's acceptable. I like the funny looks people give so I prefer the fishbowl. Its all good as long as the coils are temporary. Just my .02 though.
ehh maybe temporary gotta see if i get the itch for bags again like i did on my last car
Originally Posted by dude dog View Post
I like it. Looks much better than stock.
thank you sir
Originally Posted by 325inthe510 View Post
y u mad?
Originally Posted by 325CiMaN View Post
Looks amazing bro! I like the stanced look. But i presumably like functional and i track my car. but your car looks amazing!

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yes this is no shape or fourm is ment to be a track car just nice stance daily for my use thanks
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