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Personally, the thing that stands out the most for me is the white wheels.

My eye goes right to them and I miss that there's a bmw on top of them. I can't understand why anyone wants to call attention to wheels.

That said, I know I'm being hypocritical since I did paint my tires green. Maybe you saw my car at Bimmerfest? I was parked next to the mirrored Lambo, and still everyone hung around my car and not the Lambo. For some reason, almost everyone asked me the same question: "Dude, did you paint your tires?"

I'm actually thinking of raising my car as I want to be able to ford some of the local creeks and I don't have a Ford. I'm a little concerned about stability, though, but I think if I install a Toyota Sienna suspension on it, I'll be fine.

Anyway, not sure if your wheels are really white or just photoshopped, but if white, I still hope you've selected brake pads that stop your car and make lots of dust.

Sorry...but you had to suspect that people on the Internet would tell you what they think! I give you points for bravery and passion though. Now, please apply some of those character traits under your hood by way of maintenance. Just saying!
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