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Originally Posted by L0standards View Post
No photoshop here they were powder coated by Tom espo in Staten Island I would never paint my tires that's just insane and I wasn't at bimmerfest I'm a tech for Lexus so the engine is always in stock tiptop shape
Uh, oh! If you think painting tires is insane I should reflect on that. Everyone always comments on them, though. Maybe they're just being polite, but it seems like they like it. Literally every day someone asks me if I painted my tires. Just yesterday, a guy asked me 'if my tires were really green.'

I'm like, 'dude. They're green. Don't you know your colors?' It's a good thing I'm quick, even though I'm old. This guy was an angry looking, 6'6" /300 lb. monster...but he 'was' pretty quick.
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