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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
jfoj, you're on duty early this morning!

OP, the bouncing idle you had been having sounds like it could be icv, of course, and that would cause your stalling. Did cleaning the icv have any effect?

Have you checked the vac lines behind the intake manifold? I know you said you replaced all hoses, but wonder about those?

Anyway, I really do think you need to get codes read. If it's none of the usual suspects, then I'd think codes might point to some sensor or the like.

Have you done any 'non-stock' things to your car you didn't mention? After your engine swap, was your car running good, or did the bouncing idle happen right away?
Have read thru your Sig religiously, it is my bible lol. I have done just about everything mentioned except cam position sensors knock sensors and all that.
I really do need to pull codes I am going to do that today at work hopefully.

Yup, I have replaced every vacuum hose at the time of the swap. The "f" connector on the intake boot that runs to the fuel filter and ccv I believe, and other various vacuum hoses I think there were about 7 or so I replaced. And I cleaned my icv about 2 months ago in hopes to fix that bouncing idle which was prevalent from the moment I swapped the rebuilt motor.

The bouncing idle has improved in the last month or so but my thought is because the weather is getting cooler. My vanos has been a main concern for me this whole time as well so I'm wondering if that could be part of the cause. I tried unplugging the maf last night and there was no difference it was stalling after I did that too whenever I gave it gas.

Oh, and non-stock mods, just the intake and headers and I'm sure the intake could be causing part of the problem.

Will try to upload a video so you guys can see what's going on. Thanks for the replys guys I appreciate the help!

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