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My Ride: '05 325i poor customer service (Bilstein was excellent)

Hi All,

Before I rant I want to point out that everything turned out fine, so keep that in mind if you are planning ot order from And also, Bilstein's customer support was excellent.

I ordered a set of Bilstein HD's all around. I wanted to order from Pelican Parts, but they were $80 more and wouldn't budge after calling them. So I ordered from

The spring seat on one of the struts was off the strut, while the other one was fixed on there. I had never encountered this and wasn't sure if it was useable. I tried to get it back on without success. So I called up
Keep in mind I had already taken my strut off the car before realizing this.

First I got a woman in accounting who was nice, but couldn't help. She took my info and said she would walk it over to sales and talk to the guy there and put him on the phone. A few minutes later he came on and didn't know what was going on so I had to repeat everything.

He asked if they were removeable spring seats, I said I didn't know, he said "Ok, email me a picture and I will take it from there." I took a picture, emailed him, then I called him back up like 20min later. The phone rang a bunch of times, then some guy answered on what was clearly a cell phone and was driving.

I re-explained everything to him, this guy was useless and I wonder if he was the owner. He said "Well, you must have been talking to Arthur. He didn't pick up because it came to my cellphone. I am driving right now." Ok, thanks, that's helpful. Then he basically said, "Unfortunately we don't make the shocks, Bilstein does, we just sell them."

Anyway, I hung up with him, called back, got Arthur in sales again. He says, "well I'm in the warehouse, it will take me like 10 minutes to get back to the computer. I'll call you back." Keep in mind nobody has given me any helpful information at this point.

I waited 20 minutes, before I realized he wasn't going to be any help. So I called up Bilstein North America. I waited on hold for about 5 minutes, and then got a really helpful guy on the phone. He explained that the spring seats do come off and you can beat it back on with a rubber mallet, but there is no obvious keying to indicate which direction. So he quickly emailed me a diagram showing the keying and I beat it back on.

I got the strut on the car and driving before I got a call from Arthur in sales like an hour later. He called to tell me he emailed the picture to Bilstein and would let me know what they say. Useless...

If you sell a product you should know something about it and support it. In this case it was my lack of knowledge since I'd never encountered this before. But all I needed was assurance that the seat does go back on and a little info on which way it goes.


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