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Originally Posted by sprintman View Post
Because BMWNA left out that critical piece of info fron the U.S owners manual (it is in all other countries owners manuals).
Use only approved BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil.
Ask your BMW center for details concerning the specific BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil or synthetic oils that have been approved.

You can also call BMW of North America toll-free at 1-800-831-1117 or visit this website: to obtain this information.

The above was pasted from p. 133 of the 2004 manual for the USA, the earliest available online (emphasis mine). Says the same thing on p. 122 of my 2000 manual.

You are correct in that it doesn't state to look for "LL-01", this pretty clear indication that any-old-synthetic isn't going to work. Calling or going to the website will tell you to look for "BMW approved" and "LL-01" and provide the list of oils that meet the standard.

But what moved BMW to omit the explicit wording from the manual that would avoid all this confusion?

Of course, the best thing to do as a community is to tell people in the USA: just buy at the dealer; it's even cheaper than the approved Mobil and Castrol.

BTW, has anybody seen the "Euro Formula" Pennzoil or Quaker State at retail?
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