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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
are you married?

and two, what if her family doesn't own a jeweler? Why would some random jeweler know better about her tastes than her, her friends, or her family?
I didn't say her family's jewelry store... I said "a" family owned jewelry store...
As opposed to some cookie cutter chain store with sales people only interested in commissions rather than the overall happiness of the customer and reputation of the store....

A reputable jeweler that has been in biz a long time, makes it their business to help people find timeless pieces that will suit someone, based on q&A experience. They know the trends and what's In or out for contemporary pieces and what will weather time past trends.

Or at minimum... Go in to said jewelry store and ask them how to extract this info without tipping her off... Again, they are experts in this very subject and hopefully have several years experience doing this for many people.

As for me... If that matters, or you can't already derive that answer by the comments I'm making on the subject.... Yes.
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