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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
Yes, absolutely. You need to get them NOW. From the pics, it does not look like any of the sheetmetal around them has ripped, although I may be wrong.
DO NOT DRIVE THIS CAR BEFORE THEY ARE REPAIRED. Even if there is no sheetmetal damage. If you end up tearing sheet metal, then you have a major fix. If you already have torn some of the Sheetmetal, you will make matters worse by driving.

I think several of us asked you about this when you determined that it was the brake clips. I am pretty sure I did.

Edit: looking closer, it looks as if it was not installed correctly in the first place. It does not look right.
Ahhhh!!!!! Lol. Bad RSM's are fine to drive on just don't prolong the repair. I also went with MEYLE HD's and i like them. How many miles are on your shocks? You could replace shocks & mounts all at once but it's not necessary. You could save your money for down the road when they do need replacement. Also you may want to add Z3 reinforcement plates and don't forget the RSM gaskets!

'04 330i ZHP
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