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I recently replaced my expansion tank.

I have checked the water level several times to make sure everything is good.

I checked yesterday and again this morning.

The coolant appears to have foam at the top. Even though I have bled it several times, it appears I have oil spitting out the expansion screw at the top.
It is definitely oil.

I have several oil drops along the engine bay and a few on the top of the alternator.

I was going to take off the cover of the engine and look closer. I was thinking it could be the gasket.

But if the gasket was bad, assuming that was the only problem, that would not allow oil into the radiator.

Could it be the water pump or heaven forbid, a crack somewhere in the engine head ?

I don't have oil or water leaking anywhere while it is sitting still.

I hope I don't get bad news from you.
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