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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
What's your mileage?

What is the recently history of any abnormal overheating?

expansion tank cracked, lost water overheated

Did you see any oil in the coolant when you drained it?


Oil in the coolant before the ET failed?


Oil in the coolant is the best indicator of a failed head gasket.


Yes a failed gasket would allow oil into the radiator.

What does the oil look like on the dipstick?

like oil...........but the level is higher than usual

How could a water pump allow oil into the coolant?


How does water get into the engine from a leaking gasket ?

If I replace the gasket, do I just do the gasket on top, or do I need a gasket kit?

Other than the gasket and new sealant, what do I need to do the job ?

There is also a faint burning smell.
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