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Originally Posted by lmr2wil View Post
If there is any stud left to grab (and vice-grips etc are falling short) then these are super helpful -

If not, then you have to go the route suggested by redrider423, and drill/ extract. However, if you do go that route, do yourself a favor and purchase a left-handed drill bit. These will often walk the stud out as you drill the pilot hole.

Good luck!

There is a stud left and that tool looks very helpful, but I can't figure out how it works.

By any chance would it be possible to basically only undo the break booster hose, oil dipstick hose, hose to the front of the valve cover, wire harness box and connectors, MAS hose, two hoses in the back and fuel rail harness to pull up the manifold. I'd like to do this with as little removal as possible - especially the fuel rail! I figure everything else is attached only to the manifold so I can kind of pull it off to the side.

I'm dreading this job because I basically just put everything back once and than pulled part of it out again and put it back a second time.
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