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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
A vac leak could cause that, but so could having left a number of connectors off.

When I did my intake (in the last few weeks), I'd forgotten a few connectors...and had the EML light...and CEL. As I started plugging things in, the lights disappeared!

That round connection to the icv gives a number of people problems...but you can reach it by just removing air box. I don't think you can wiggle around the intake too much, but maybe if that stud is in the right spot, you could get to it.

Don't forget that bolt on the bottom of mani prevents it from sliding down at all...and as it's plastic, you don't want to be bending it around too much.

Sucks. BTW, I didn't remove fuel rail at all...just the plugs for pulling off the little wire clips on them. Don't lose them!

Also, you don't have a lot of free play from those vac lines or the fuel supply hoses in back either I don't think.

Definitely sucks! None of the stud is sitting proud of the intake mani?
Congratulations on getting your car running good again. I can't wait to experience that feeling.

Actually the only thing I have not replaced are the little wire clips for the injector plugs. I was thinking that the injector plugs might be loose and causing the eml - but I figured that was a long shot.

I'm glad to hear the broken bolt is most likely not the cause of the problems. I know I have to fix it at some point - Just not ready to do it yet. I need a brake! Plus none of the bolt is sitting above the manifold.

I'll double check the ICV tomorrow, but I know the plug that connects the white connector on it is connected. I'm also going to remove the throttle body too insure there are no leaks. I did have some trouble with a round plug on the tb, but today I seemed to have put it in correctly and twisted the lock. It seemed fairly secure. I'm also thinking that I needed to reset something after adjusting that plug?

The other thing I wanted to ask about was brake cleaner. I read somewhere that I could spray it around the intake, tb, icv to see if there are any leaks. I also read that this might not be that safe! Considering I live in a condo complex I wanted to double check before trying this. Once in a while I can get the engine to idle without giving it gas. I figure I could try spraying at that time. Otherwise I would have to have my wife keep her foot on the gas and I'd like to try and avoid that especially if this method is not safe.

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