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Originally Posted by emo8282 View Post
Ma car is 99 328i.
I took emission test this morning and got perfectly fail. HC-155,CO-5.18 Its so higher than limited result. Should I change the Catalytic converter or another way to fix it?

NO was like 187 that low, its weird a?
Any suggestions for it guys?
There are many things you can try before replacing a cat...which might be warranted still based on mileage or years anyway...(I think it's 10 years, but it might not be where you are...IDK).

In any case, start with getting codes jfoj's sig link for misfires...O2 sensors could be bad, plugs could be bad, many things could be bad...

You've really impressed the guys here I can see. Do not worry, OP, I understood a good 90% of what you said and sort of guessed at the rest!

Most of the guys here are idiots, but a few, like Gheybe and Nova, are so fn smart, they get so much that they just can't understand sometimes. Me? I don't have a problem ever reading or understanding posts like yours. Why you wonder? Well first, because I care, on occasion. Secondly, I ran it through google translate: latvian first...then japanese, and finally into Australian English. No worries, mate. Cheers!
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