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Originally Posted by EmbassyBlack View Post
so my dumbass drunk self dropped my phone and the screen cracked. anyone know when theyre going to be releasing replacement screens for the 5? or if anyone has experience talking to apple about replacing a phone with a broken screen under warrenty. i doubt theyll do it but you never know.
Just wait for the replacement screens since you don't have applecare...

Replacing the screen is now incredibly easy. They went back to the "top-down" construction on the 5, like the 3g and 3gs, unlike the 4 and 4s where you had to take out the motherboard and all (which I've done over 50 times and it's not fun each and every time).

Screen will probably go for 70-100 bucks and you can look up a tutorial on youtube on how to do it...If you are at all good with small electronics it's an easy 3/10 on scale of difficulty.

Sorry about your phone... But you should have put a case on it man!

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Being unprofessional is GK talk for someone calling out his BS in real life.
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gk seems to have tried to change his role online now. before it was mr. obnoxious. now it's mr. calm, collected, and still an idiot.
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