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Originally Posted by Beamer Creamer View Post
Ya thats how i feel about electrical. Is that a sniffer or what is special with the snap on? Or do you need engineering degree to knownthings to use it for? Also what is the scientific explanation for why you can get really low ohms test on positive wires sometimes?
A digital multi meter aka dmm is a tool to test volts, ohms (resistance), and amps. The snap on one i bought is specifically made for automotive world, it can be hooked up to a lap top and it has a ociloscope, aka oscope. Which helps out diagnosing sensors, intermittent issues, it gives you the wave form of the sensor/actuator and you can watch wave form and compare to a known good sensor, or a known good wave form, and determine what is wrong. On my moms m3 i used it diagnose a intermittent missfire, i checked the coils, i noticed when the coil reaches a temperature of 230 or higher it misses until it cools back down below 230. It's an amazing tool i think everyone should have one and learn how to use it.

Are you testing for ohms with power applied or not? Cause with it applied it it isn't accurate, and a good wire, doesn't Matter if it's positive or negative or signal, should have low ohms like .001-.002ohms.

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