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Originally Posted by braymond141 View Post
Power on Self Test is NOT the same thing as standby power to the board. You don't understand.

That is not what I said. What I wrote is correct and applicable to this issue. I was specifically calling you out for incorrect diagnoses from your post referencing CPU, and RAM. These items do not cause a system to not POWER ON, meaning come out of standby power, they are what prevent the computer from completing the POST. You will still get a flicker on of power then immediate system off if the CPU is physically damaged, sometimes the caps will sizzle and smoke.

Standby Power
Power On

These are all different things. The OP is not getting power on, just standby power. When he says NOTHING happens, that means nothing turns to on. No fans, no lights, nothing... just standby power stuck. See the difference? If the OP has some type of power on (a standy power LED is NOT power on), THEN these components need to be checked.
You're making a ton of assumptions based on things that don't exist in the dude's original post. And no, a mobo WON'T necessarily just turn off if there is a faulty CPU. He never said standby or otherwise... just that there was power.....................
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