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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
I don't have unlimited talk, but it's as if I did. We can't use up the 450min/month and it rolls over every month. I have so much rolled over that they expire before I can use them.
I do have unlimited txt. For the whole family.
I have 5 phones.
I pay $130/month.

Yes, you're being ripped off.
I disagree... You have a family plan, they are always a better deal than individual plans, all individual plans that aren't garbage are right around $100/mo. He's not getting ripped off, ALL individual plan users getting ripped off!
Originally Posted by Green_Shine View Post
(2/14/2017)Trump, by definition is a nitwit. He has every opportunity to make sound decisions, and he is incapable. I can't see this guy lasting 4 years without resigning or being impeached.

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