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The only thing with SMG that I find jerking is coming to an almost complete stop and it decides to change down to 1st (as mentioned above). If you put your foot down to go when the clutch is disengaged then the SMG engages the clutch with your foot down like a mini clutch dump. Very easy to get used to and you know it's coming since it always does it.

Auto mode doesn't really work. If I want auto mode I want the faster shifts but if you put it in D5 (fastest auto mode) for example it won't change past 3rd gear at 60km/h which is painful. The lower D modes are just too slow and change up much too fast. Also it does things like change from 1st to 2nd half way through turning (e.g. at a T intersection turning on to the main road). So half way into the intersection you free wheel whilst it's changing gear. It's just doing it at the wrong time.

Aside from a few things like that I find SMG quite smooth and easy to drive. Those who say otherwise haven't ever lived with an SMG. Perhaps they've driven one once before and made their mind up based on that. In slow traffic, parking, reverse etc I find it just as easy to drive as an auto.

Basically it comes down to this:
1) You drive a torque converter auto like an auto.
2) You drive a conventional clutch manual like a manual
3) You drive an SMG like an SMG.

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