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Originally Posted by DeclanM3 View Post
Spot on. I have a few small dislikes with SMG..

I don't feel comfortable letting other people drive my car if they don't have an understanding of the gearbox. I don't ever think I'll let my parents drive my car because they think it's a normal auto and would drive it accordingly then most likely get frustrated with it.

It's also annoying when it's a bit jerky in traffic and you have a passenger who doesn't understand the gearbox and thinks it's your driving. Worst is when you're on a hill and come to a brief stop and don't wait long enough for it to grab 1st and get the mini clutch dump.

Mine also seems to be a bit jerky in traffic when it decides to shift to 2nd when braking. I find I almost have to lift off the brake pedal slightly when it disengages the clutch into 2nd gear.

Apart from that I love it
It shouldn't really be jerky at all. Maybe try a reset and reset adaptations. Otherwise there's something wrong.

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