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Originally Posted by DeclanM3 View Post
Depending on the revs the gearbox will rev match (not blip) so you get a smooth downshift. This is generally only when you're pushing hard, not in traffic.

You can blip the throttle by giving the accelerator a stab on downshifts. I always do this in tunnels / any areas where the sound will echo.

Left foot braking would only really come in handy if you want to blip whilst braking. I've considered trying to give it a go but I think I'll be way to uncoordinated for it.
Im trying to get used to left foot braking.. think it will be a good skill to have, .

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
I'll let you drive mine, although there's an issue on take of with my car, but once you get going it's fine.

Ill take u up on that at the SAM

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who da F done that?
prestige warehouse or who?

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