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Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
It shouldn't really be jerky at all. Maybe try a reset and reset adaptations. Otherwise there's something wrong.
When I say jerky it's not huge. The jerks I'm referring to is when you're at relatively low speeds and the car shifts down to 2nd, sometimes when the clutch is disengaged you get the natural gear braking effect which when coupled with normal braking can result in a quick small jerk. As if you press the brake pedal in a bit more for a split second.

The other time is when the car is engaging 1st from 2nd on a hill and you press the accelerator before the car has grabbed 1st so you're basically free revving in neutral for a split second. It get's first gear then lets the clutch out resulting in a mini clutch dump. I find it's worse when I'm on a hill. It's more a patience thing though, you just need to give the car that extra split second to grab 1st then you're fine.

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