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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
How is that manifold beautiful? It looks like crap if this is something you are charging more than $200 for.
you're kind of nitpicking. i know plenty of local guys who don't have shops, just weld manifolds in their garage when they're building whatever their next project is, probably have everything wrong you listed, and still have never had problems. not to mention, they're running far more boost and hp/tq than eric's 335 is going to be (at first). friend's novice, hand welded, manifold on his 240 has a welded on addition where the TOP MOUNT flange is and still, with all the weight of the turbo, 30+psi of boost and beating the hell out of that car, he's never once in 4 years had a problem or a weld break. i think people need to face reality that men are not machines and not everything comes out perfect.

however...i do agree that for the price this manifold is probably going to be (with the HPF/BMW tax figured in), that thing should be made perfectly, as if a machine made it. and i'll just leave it at that.

Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
If someone did this in their garage as a personal project, I'd say that's pretty awesome. But from a company that sells $80,000 turbo kits I would expect way better than that junk...
this is a perfect example though of why HPF charges more for their products; a lot of stuff is outsourced, not a whole lot is actually made in their shop. s54 intake manifold, for example, is a beautiful piece but it's so pricey because another company makes it for them. all the motor builds for stage 2.5 and up are sent out to another company to be built and then HPF just installs them in the cars. the old exhaust manifold from Steed Speed, i thought was very nice looking, but no way i'd pay that price if a cast log manifold could produce the same results for less (which is why i'm assuming the switched to cast, even though the price of the kits didn't go down), but once again, both manifolds are made by someone else.

HPF is kind of like a clothing store, they have other people make the product to save money, then sell it in their store for more. it's a retail business. what HPF would really benefit from is investing in workers and machines that can help them do more stuff in-house, which would then in turn lower costs. imagine if John could have access to machines for getting blocks ready to be built. i'll bet he'd have the hang of stuff in no time.
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