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Originally Posted by ZHPinthe103 View Post
Haha op is getting roasted in this thread..forget it though..except for some points

Where did you get the new front bumper and how hard was it to install?
yes i know, they don't know/understand my situation, i would like them to have to take care of there 76yrld grandfather with alshiemers and who has had 6 strokes and go to school full time and only be 20yrsld, its not easy.
And It was Relatively easy I pulled the inner fenders off, pulled off head lights, disconnected fog lights/horns, the under tray and I pulled out the two bolts holding in the aluminum bumper and took it off as A whole, then removed the bumper from the support, putting back on put the support on first, then put bumper on and reattached everything. And i got it from Turner motorsports.

Originally Posted by slammed_bimmer View Post
alright i will be there on time so we can get some pics and we could take some on brake when there is more day light!
Cool sound like a plan

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