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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Combat robot status is officially: "Oh my ****ing god everybody panic because we're out of time, money, and hands to get stuff done."

Somebody made a big machining mistake today, in a big piece of aluminum. 10 out of 12 threaded holes in this piece of aluminum are fail. 9 of the holes have stripped threads, and 1 of them has a broken tap stuck inside it. The person is doing this on their own free time, so the only thing I can do is say what happened, say what was likely the reason, and spend some of my own money to make up for it.
somebody ... was you? otherwise why is it coming out of your pocket to fix this mistake?

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Fill that hole in your soul by buying more material goods
buy my sedan rear seats (gray leather)

sell me sedan A pillars!! (black fabric)
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