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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
The original multi-piece HPF M3 manifold built by Steed Speed was really clever and looked cool. See, not everything I say is bad. I think you just dislike me for knowing more about the stuff you sell than you do. I'm just stating an opinion and insight about a product, which you should expect to see on a public internet forum.

I'm no salesman, but I don't think it's a good sales tactic to mock forum members when you pay to advertise here. That is also against forum rules, so play nice Chris.

The headers sold on ebay are pretty crappy, but the companies that make them still stay in business. Now imagine how good business would be if you could sell your customers the same thing but for more money!
Funny you should use the Ebay headers as an example. I think they are awesome for the money they cost. I had a set on my M3 for years with ZERO issues. Yes, the "ceramic" paint started to flake big deal. Installation was OK as long as you discarded the mounting hardware and used real BMW OEM gaskets and nuts. I made 301 RWHP that mostly came from mounting the headers. (The elbow and BMC panel filter didnt hurt).
Point is, they are in business because people keep buying them based on customers good results. I would not hesitate to buy another set. I just would have them professionally Jet Hot coated. They are still a great deal with the extra money you choose to spend. Only the 90 dollar gasket kit is mandatory.
I kept the Ebay headers even with a super charger.

Doc Race is a different deal. His products cost a lot. They are sold to very discerning customers who would scream bloody murder on the forums and shut him down if he was not delivering a quality product for the money spent.
Just based on his customer profile, the typical buyer would VERY likely be a forum member who would immediately start negative threads if the guy was not delivering. Where are these threads?
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