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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
I completely agree with you on the ebay headers. They may not be the nicest thing out there, but value wise, they are damn incredible.

As for Doc Race, I've never heard of them before, and I had no presumptions good or bad coming into this thread, aside from knowing that if it was marketed to the HPF turbo tuner crowd, it would be very expensive, giving me lots of room to nitpick.
In reference to your nit picking(no back purging specifically)... This is off Doc Race's Blog:

Another factor in having strong weld joints is back-purging. This is something that isn't completely necessary to do, but considerably important for the inside portion of the weld joint. By purging the tube that is being welded, the argon gas that is pressurized inside during welding will aid in controlling push through and also any impurities that may occur during the weld. Purging is a must with some materials even going as far as chamber purging with metals like Titanium that require a lot more preparation and care for a proper weld joint.

In reference to your nit picking on WELD QUALITY, here is Doc Race on a WELDING FORUM being judged by his peers and JOURNEYMEN in the trade. It ended up positive, sir.
In the discussion, his weld quality is HEAVILY scrutinized, and discussed. Looks like he came out on top even with some devil's advocates in the discussion. See for yourself. Talk about nitpicking, these guys were out for blood, and Doc Race's work still held up under such intense scrutiny(eventually).
Apparently some of Doc Race's earlier work was NOT back purged and he caught hell for it on the forum. In spite of no failures to date, Doc Race is now back purging the welds. He even shows a photo of the jig they use to do it. And he makes reference to back purging on his blog(see previous quote and link). Notice also that he PORTS the throats of each runner! Nice.

Sorry, Mkodama, it looks like you are over ruled.

HPF is offering a quality product. Too bad it will likely cost a King's ransom. But you say you wanna go fast?

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