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I have some very good news to report today! Last night when I purchased the carb cleaner I also got a can of dry gas and put it in as soon as I got home. The car has been sitting for about 8 months. (Long story short we had a truck that we sold recently specifically to get this car up and running) This morning I went out there with my carb cleaner to eliminate vacuum leaks. Started the car and it started right up nice and smooth - No EML!! Then it started running rough again. It was just the boot that connects directly to the MAS. I clamped that down good and she is running so much better!

Though there are still some problems, but I have faith that they are little ones. The check engine light is still on. Though I'm not to concerned. The one thing I am noticing is that sometimes I feel a click or popping on the gas pedal and one on the engine. I know when I cleaned the TB I did a quick job and it was still sticking sometimes. And also I'm not 100% sure I reinstalled the throttle cable correctly. Either way I figure they are not that major of problems. At least as far as cost or time to fix.

And the one last thing that I haven't done yet is put the clips on the injector plugs (Wire harness) - There must be some kind of trick to that because it looks very time consuming.
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