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Originally Posted by RKiepper View Post
Went out and tested my cornering theory...

Applies to:
"Yellow signs for suggested speed limit on curves"

I double it and then subtract 10mph from the total. Gives me a fun, safe driving experience without throwing everything in the car around.

Little bit more edge, barely holding on with the tires screaming every corner = only subtract 5mph.

Don't have the nerve to push it to the 2x mark, I really don't think the sedan can take that. I need sport seats for that too.
Depends where you live, and who made the signs, and what tires you have. Those are recommended speeds, but they can ticket you for exceeding them if they want to. Pretty much the only way to have fun with these cars on a public road is to find a road with high speed limit and tight turns. Those recommended speeds are usually designed for an average car, with legal tires, on a dry road. Your findings should be good safe fun for a bmw with decent tires on a dry road. You can probably go much faster once you get used to a specific corner - but always err on the side of safety - you only die once. And keep in mind, other drivers, and limited visibility going round a corner. You are not on a race track - you need to keep enough reserve to dodge oncoming traffic drifting into the wrong lane, and kids who might be playing in the road. Single lane highway on and off ramps are usually a safe place to play
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