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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
How is that manifold beautiful? It looks like crap if this is something you are charging more than $200 for.

The welds very are inconsistent, along with heat input, and if those are off, and it means your weld penetration is also going to be off. The weld bead wanders side to side and increases and decreases in width. It looks like you didn't even backpurge the welds, and so you had to grind down a ton of melt-through on the back side of the welds near the flanges. There is probably tons of protrusions through the areas you couldn't get to with a grinder. You don't even machine the flanges after welding? I think I see undercut on the welds too. Also you didn't even use stainless for the flange, just mild steel? WTF?

If someone did this in their garage as a personal project, I'd say that's pretty awesome. But from a company that sells $80,000 turbo kits I would expect way better than that junk...

Maybe you can enlighten the rest of us that see this work as awesome, maybe with some pics of a manifold you would pay "more than $200 for"?

I've taken a second look at the photos, I can see that the "hand fabrication" has it's imperfections. But nothing that I believe merits what you have said especially it not being worth 200 bucks. Just the time taken to piece the manifold together within the engine bay constraints would cost more in labor/RND.
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