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i haven't been throwing parts at it. the cvv broken in half as i barely tugged it to inspect it. so i had to get it. other then that i also replace lower boot because it was visibly torn. this is what i've done so far below

1) ICV Valve - removed, inspected clean put back in- Done
2) DISA - Replaced o-ring, inspected the flap was broken took it out and put it back in for the time being. (should not cause errors like that)
3)Oil Separator and Vacuum hoses connected to it - line to the dip stick broke replaced, cvv broke in half as i pull it out to inspect it. pain in ass to put the hoses on. replaced oil dipstick o-ring. done
4) MAF Sensor - Clean and put back on, dont think its the cause of 12 codes. done
5) Spark Plugs - 2 month ago replaced. done
6) Air Intake Boot(lower) - cracked and replace. done
7) Bad or dying Fuel Pump - doing fuel pressure test today
8 ) Fuel Filter bad - just had this replaced 2 years ago shouldn't be bad.
9) Injectors Dirty or Bad-haven't done this yet. doing fuel pressure test today
10) smoke test. yes i did it, no other leaks. done
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