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Finally got it done. I started Friday night and finished about Saturday night. Here are a few observations I've made.

Having an impact wrench made it very easy to remove the top nut of the front struts. It could be done with an offset wrench but much easier with the impact wrench. I ended up bringing my struts to Autozone and borrowed it from them.

Only completely removed the struts three top-mount nuts once the bottom of the struts completely free from the clam shell (but they should be loosened up first). Once the bottom strut has been freed, immediately raise the clamp shell up to prevent the brake line from overly stressed. Then the top nuts can then be removed to remove the struts. Once you have the new struts ready to be mounted, first mount the top first (the clamp shell is still in raised position so the brake line is still OK), then quickly lower the clamp shell to so that the bottom strut can be fitted, then quickly raise the clam shell once the bottom strut is in position. The important thing to remember is to minimize the amount of time the brake line is in the stressed position.

The rears is VERY easy compared to the fronts. It's actually very easy to remove the rear springs. Also when you try to put the new springs in, it's easier to place the top and bottom rubber pads in place first, then try to squeeze the springs in later. Once the springs in position, give it a few turns so they are completely seated.

I am surprised that all my rubber pads are still in very good shape. I ended up using all new rubber pads but I feel they probably could be reused.

I have my shocks in full soft and I feel like it's a little underdamp. Doing a quick left-right-left felt some residual motion.

My rears are rubbing slightly. I am running stock 19in. 275 with 10mm spacer. It sucks because I really like the aggressive look. The ride is slightly stiffer than stock. I have seen pictures of others running quite a bit more aggressive than mine so I don't know how they can run them without rubbing.

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