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Originally Posted by Beamer Creamer View Post
I know a person who 2 times or sometimes closer to 3 times corners. With m3. 2 times would be a nice mild press for your ride. Good to hear, enjoy. Also i would think you could prob do atleast 7 times in school zones to really max it. Haha. Its a joke of course
I should be more specific, advisory limits on corners are what I am referring to.

A lot of the corners around here vary from 20-50mph. If someone can do nearly 150 around a corner.. They should kiss their ass goodbye! Lmao!

Obviously I'm not going to exceed the speed limit by very much, that would be considered racing! Lol. But I can do 40mph around a curve, when the advisory speed says 25mph and the main limit is 55mph.

It's always funny watching a tailgater try to keep up.

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