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Originally Posted by joeysm3 View Post
wow this is a dream amazing car man
Thanks bud I really appreciate that

Originally Posted by Stance55 View Post
she looks great bro! one of my fav M on the forum
Thanks pare! now only if I could switch up my wheels as much as you do haha.

Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
was the interior a DIY? any more info on it?
The interior was not DIY, I had the inserts sent out to a shop in Connecticut. If you want I can try to find out what shop it was again.

Originally Posted by tuscan1205 View Post
wow! High quality stuff here. I'm jealous!
Thanks bud!

Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
You know I orgasm over the bat-mobile

Where is the pic where I Enzo duded your car
Chase, I only used pics I had or could find. If you have that pic I'll post it up!

Originally Posted by icecold9485 View Post
Thats unbelievable man! I like how the shaved fenders look, Its a lot cleaner than the ribs IMO. Put more pictures up of your interior
Thanks bud, I don't have any more interior shots but I will when I can for you. I like the clean look of the shaved fenders as well. After 5-6 years it was time for a change.

Originally Posted by hi its me alec View Post
gosh, that is attractive
Thanks Alec! hope all is well, good to see you're still on the forums!

Originally Posted by fckupayme View Post
Gahdahmn that looks good. Can't wait to see the new wheels, the white definitely looks off now. The car though came out amazing. I'm glad you shaved the fenders and added the Asuka hood, really makes a big difference. Nice work as always.
Thanks bro, yeah I agree I don't like the white with this color anymore. Its actually lighter out in the sun so I don't think there is enough contrast for my liking. Hopefully I can get everything worked through with the company I am working with and bring something more wild to the table.

Originally Posted by Gottalovethexi View Post
So many photoshops later you actually went Flossman, slammed with iForged..! Loved every moment of this car, Cuong.
Haha I must say Ryan, I would have to thank you the most for helping me out with my idea. Thank you so much for all those photoshops!

Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
The repaint skyrocked this car to one of my favs. Definitely looks cleaner with the shaved fenders.

What rims now?
Thanks bro, Glad you like the color and fenders. Can't say what wheels yet until everything is 100% but Ill be sure to update.

Originally Posted by illestminimike View Post
Fvcking sick! Wide body vert means fap time. Sickest vert on the forum. IMO it needs HPF.
Thanks bro I appreciate it. I would def. love to go F/I in the future..
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