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Originally Posted by RKiepper View Post
I should be more specific, advisory limits on corners are what I am referring to.

A lot of the corners around here vary from 20-50mph. If someone can do nearly 150 around a corner.. They should kiss their ass goodbye! Lmao!

Obviously I'm not going to exceed the speed limit by very much, that would be considered racing! Lol. But I can do 40mph around a curve, when the advisory speed says 25mph and the main limit is 55mph.

It's always funny watching a tailgater try to keep up.
We dont have advised speeds in canada. And i would never drive faster then the speed signs. Thats illegal. There could be kids chasing a ball out in the country too. I bought m3 for the body style whatever you guys do dont drift a cloverleaf all the way in damp pavement and smoothly pull out of it. It doesnt matter how in control it feels. And dont go by peoples facial expressions or you wont know what is acceptable( one smiling and thumbs up, next one the finger and scowl of jealousy

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