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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
I'm so pissed right now. Gaffigan was at the Gotham Comedy Club when I was there...and I did a joke about the Immaculate Conception...and said exactly the same thing Mary explaining to Joseph about her being pregnant.

2 weeks after the same show, a Daily Show person mentioned using Benjamin Color Chips to figure out if people in PA should be able to vote, and also, Tosh did a joke calling the Virgin Mary a slut. Maybe it's coincidence...maybe it's a ruthless business and that comedians with a show take what they can get.

Good thing is at least it confirms that some of my humor is funny. Sorry...I know this isn't OT...thanks for letting me decompress! (like you had a choice...oh, actually, I guess you do. Please don't ban me like others!)

Sorry to hear that. Is there any footage of that show like you had of the other one?

But hey, if it was good enough for Jim to take a piece, at least you're on the right track . Imitation is sincerest form of plagiarism or something, right?

If it makes you feel better, I've heard many variations of that joke for quite a while. Along the lines of "what's more likely. A virgin birth or that a loose woman named Mary lied to her husband". So, it really comes down to the presentation. Did you feel that Jim's was very similar to yours? Or was it just a joke on the same topic?

As a side note, the Immaculate Conception refer's to Mary's birth, not Jesus's virgin birth.

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