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Originally Posted by wc325i View Post
I decided to purchase the schmiedmann headers, since they were offering a 50% discount for the first person to buy it and take mounting pictures for them etc.
they came the other day and everything was fine, parts were good, welding was good.
Until I saw a few dents on the nek of one of the headers.... And I do not believe fed ex is responsible because those dents are in a awkward position where it would be really hard to hit since the dents are around the neck of the header. Everything else was fine, The cats, the other header. No dents. Also the way it was packaged, it didn't seem like the neck of that header could be dented.

Now here's my question,
1. will these dents around the neck of the header affect performance? I know it probably will but not noticeable enough for me to realise .
2. Should I try get the guys at me just that header?
3. And anyone know a good place in Brisbane to get them installed?
4. a friend told me that I need to make sure the guy who does my job put sealants around the header when installing and not just bolting it on, so air doesn't leak out . Is this true? Because he said some shops just bolt it on?

Here are some pics of the parts, and thanks for taking your time to read!
I don't think the dint in headers is going to affect performance at all. If these are the first set of rhd headers from schmiedmann, they may have dinted them to fit them on car. Your friends advice is wrong. No need for sealant, if gasket is installed correctly.
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