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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Jesus, just get a pressure gauge and connect it to the bleeder port or modify an expansion tank cap. Then measure the max pressure.

All the math in the world will not answer the problem as there are a number of assumptions being made and many times either the assumptions are incorrect, inaccurate or you just fail to take something else into consideration.

This also assumes you do not make any basic mathematical errors.
Actually math can make a very accurate model - that's what engineers do for a living. Now it is true we don't have all the data, and the differential equations that describe the system more accurately are beyond my abilities. But for our purposes, the approximations we make are acceptable.

Without going out and buying a pressure gauge and without sacrificing any parts, we have verified that the system can get pressurized to 3 bar with reasonable parameters. So that answered the question as to whether or not the cap makes a difference.

If the math is so offensive to you, then leave the thread. Don't take out whatever issues you may have against us.
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