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Originally Posted by DOC_Race View Post
Mkodama, we worked hard on this project to bring HPF and the N54 community a new product that was never available. What you're missing is the fact that we pulled this off and HPF can now offer this to there customers. You're picking at a single manifold that was made during r&d where changes were constantly being made. The big picture is HPF is working towards a fantastic kit for the N54 and we are always pushing to produce perfect manifolds.

That being said, it was a pleasure to work with HPF on this project. Fitted with the turbo and other parts as well as a tune, the manifold will definitely exceed HPF and HPF customers expectations.
I have no doubt you worked hard, and I'm not missing that this is something that was never available before. That's why I never said anything about you, just the fit and finish of the pictured manifold.

I just expect more for how much HPF charges. If I'm picking at an R&D manifold, then why did HPF never say this was a pre-production manifold and make a photoshoot of it?

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